Clandestino Kitchen

Feb 2019

Eataipei is a unique event that introduced Taipei to London through a series of food performances and exhibitions of outstanding contemporary Taiwanese design.
Taipei was the World Design Capital in 2016
In anticipation of this exciting honour, Eataipei explored what is referred to as “the best kept secret of Asia”. Designer Shikai Tseng and architect Rain Wu lead the audiences on an immersive and sensory exploration of Taipei through five exquisitely crafted dishes, which explored Taipei’s history, landscape, people, lifestyle and future. The senses that were triggered by food – taste, touch, sound and smell – are fundamental and provided the link between the act of eating and the design history of Taipei. Clandestino Kitchen is honored to promote this artistic unique food design experience.In cooperation with one of its creators Rain Wu. We're currently looking for partners to showcase the project in different cities around the globe.
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